Youth Build Buddy Benches

This term’s project for the Let’s Build Program was building buddy benches from up-cycled materials. With around 7 young people attending each week, they were given the opportunity to learn a new skill and explore outside of their comfort zone, in a safe and familiar setting.

Together with Sami & Joe, NCNS Youth Workers, the young people were able to put their problem-solving skills into practise while working as a team to brainstorm ideas on how to best assemble the buddy benches. It was inspiring to see all the different concepts that each student came up with and we loved to see each participant take the time to listen and consider each other’s suggestions.

The program gave the students a taste of construction in a hands-on, fun and creative space. The young people were thrilled at the chance to use power tools while our youth workers watched in nervous anticipation! We were thankful that the young people were very careful, and therefore we had no casualties! Phew!!

As well as allowing the students to discover their creative side, the program gives young people the chance to meet new friends, who may not be in the same class at school but who share the same interests without the pressures of testing and results.

At the end of the term, the students involved feel proud at their creations and have the satisfaction of being able to contribute to their local community. They are aiming to finish one bench and donate it to Braddock Public School.

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