Young People

[googlefont font=”Arimo” size=”14px” margin=”10px 0 20px 0″]NCNS offers a combination of school based programs and drop in and holiday activities in Youth Centres across the Penrith area. Through our student wellbeing program, we also provide support in some schools. Programs are focused on resilience as well as recreational activities. Click here…[/googlefont]

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 Nepean Young Pregnancy Support Group Nepean Young Pregnancy Support

Running at the Cottage, you can see the Antenatal midwife clinic then pop right on in to NYPS – a super-friendly and chilled space for young pregnant women to share this amazing journey with other young women their own age. The group is social, has lots of stuff that you need to know about, connects you to anything you need to help with – housing, relationships, health and more. It’s non-judgmental and youth-friendly, so get your check up, then come along to the group and meet other young pregnant women.

  Student Wellbeing Projects

You may be familiar with the School Chaplaincy program. As a non-religious organisation – NCNS provide student wellbeing programs in three schools to provide one-to-one pastoral care and group activities for student well-being at Cranebrook High, Penrith Adolescent Centre & Mulgoa Public. Experienced youth and family workers are a great asset to the school, bringing expertise and referral pathways for students with a range of needs. Activities vary from resilience group work, recreational activities in the playground, one-to-one goal setting, life skill development particularly assisting with home and school relationships, bullying and peer friendships. These projects are a great resource for schools and teaching staff to support student wellbeing.


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