Young People thrive in Art Tasters Program

What a great experience it was for Sami and I to co-ordinate and be involved in the Art Tasters Program. The Art Tasters Program evolved from the interest displayed in art by young people on the Magnetic Place Skate Park Mural grant. We decided to it would be nice to explore different types of art mediums.

With the assistance of artist Diamando Koutsellis the program was a great success. Diamando was an excellent addition who works so well with young people. We ran the program for five, two hour sessions with an average of six young people attending each session. The various art mediums consisted of clay, painting, charcoal and pastel sketching and the young people decided they would like to revamp the youth hub sign as part of the program.

The aim of the program was to empower young people to gain confidence in their abilities, challenge them to try something new, use art as a way for relaxation and expression. Some young people were initially hesitant to pick up a brush in fear of not doing a good enough job, myself included! We all worked through that feeling and achieved results we were proud of. The environment was so supportive from all people involved. I guess the supportive and relaxed environment was my highlight!


The young people wished the program had more sessions so that is an indication we will run an art program again the future. In some way every young person achieved something, a new skill, more confidence, ability to relax and an unexpected outcome of increased communication between each other while participating.

Next term NCNS Youth are looking at running a simplified version of Dungeons & Dragons to increase skills in teamwork, communication, decision making and assertiveness in young people. It should be an interesting program with hopefully a few laughs along the way!

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