NCNS and Young People

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Young People[/googlefont]

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NCNS works with young people in schools, centres and neighbourhoods across Penrith.  This small, but active team’s current motto is “the object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives”.  The Youth Team are advocates for the young people they work with, nurturing, supporting and affirming their innate resilience and providing activities big and small that will challenge and inspire them. They have a particular emphasis on working with vulnerable young people in the public housing estate areas of Cranebrook and Kingswood Park, with Aboriginal young people and with young people in Glenmore Park.

In addition to the generalist youth programs, NCNS  also provide the Student Wellbeing program (like school chaplain, but secular) in Cranebrook High School, the Penrith Adolescent Centre and Mulgoa Public School.  Casework Support for young people at risk of homelessness is also available via the YHS project and our staff member who is employed solely for this project.

Programs include: (Click here for more information on each program)

  • Drop In at Glenmore Park  Youth Centre (2 days per week)
  • School Holiday programs
  • In School, evidence-based Resilience programs (Rock & Water, Friends for Life, Girls Can Do Anything, RAGE)
  • Boys Rites program at Glenmore Park High School
  • Youth Outreach in Kingswood Park (1 night per week)
  • Nepean Young Pregnancy Support Group
  • Aboriginal Young Women’s Art Group
  • Indigenous Young Mum’s group
  • Digital Multimedia Workshops in partnership with Information Cultural Exchange
  • Koori Games – active sports program for Koori kids and their friends at Kingswood Park & Cranebrook
  • Casework Support for Young People at Risk of Homelessness
  • Making Tracks Aboriginal Mentoring program at Cranebrook High School
  • Student Wellbeing Support programs – Penrith Adolescent Centre, Cranebrook High & Mulgoa
  • Work Development Orders for young people to repay fines and state debts
  • Partnering with Cranebrook High School on the Maths Deadlies