Women’s group sew literacy and care bags

Our Make Time Women’s Group are putting their time to great use! So far this year, the group have sewn over 40 bags that have been donated to local schools for literacy bags as well as care bags for women who have fled their home due to domestic violence.

The group consists of local women from Cranebrook who meet once a week to catch up, share stories, skills and it has become an important space for networking.

The bags have been made from donated materials, often from the women’s own homes with very little materials purchased.

The next project for our Women’s group is making chemotherapy bags for patients who have long term medication attached to themselves. Once completed the women will deliver the chemo bags to the oncology unit at Nepean Hospital.

The women always make sure to take time out for a walk, a coffee, and morning tea.  New members and donations are always welcome!

Check under our community development tab for the most current flyer HERE.

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