Penrith’s Woman of the Year

Penrith Woman of the Year 2023

Congratulations to our remarkable and courageous leader, Joy Impiombato, who has been named Penrith Woman of the Year in the NSW Women’s Week Awards. What an achievement.

“It was an honor to have been awarded 2023 Penrith Woman of the Year today. As just one of the thousands of incredible women working for a better Penrith community – whether that’s running a business, a family, and working across every sector imaginable – this award represents the enormous resilience and strength of women. We strive as one for a caring, equitable community for all of us.
Stuart Ayres has been an active supporter of Penrith women and their families, and the issues they face. He is an especially strong advocate for women’s economic equality. Thank you to Stuart for this award which I was humbled to receive”

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