We Watch Didge Class Attendance Soar from 3 at Inception to 20 Aboriginal Boys Weekly

Every Monday we have Didgeridoo classes with Jessy McKinless from Nulungu Dreaming. Jessy is also our dance facilitator. Jessy started didgeridoo classes at a local footy field and had around 3 boys at the time who wanted to learn. They would meet at this field each week. When NCNS had heard of this happening, we called Jessy to ask him if he wanted a space at our Koolyangarra Aboriginal Family Centre and he said yes please, as there were more boys becoming interested and it was soon becoming winter.

Jessy started with 3 boys and now we have 15-20 boys coming to Kooly on a Monday to learn how to play the didgeridoo. The boys have come such a long way and Jessy did say, some of them are becoming better than he was when he was at their age. This gives the boys a boost and they are always practicing, seeing if they could out do Jessy.

Hearing the creative sounds coming out of the didge is always a beautiful sound to hear and relaxing and we enjoy listening to the boys practicing their didge.

Keep going strong boys! To download our Didge Class flyer, please click here.

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