Toasties, smiles and Ramadan

This morning started with serving toasted ham and cheese sandwiches to students from Cranebrook High School and Braddock Public School. It happens every day here at the Cranebrook Breakfast Club.

My colleague Rabia is already at the sandwich press, faithfully making ham and cheese toasties and greeting the students with her warm and welcoming smile.

iftariToday is the second day of Ramadan and Rabia tells me about the delicious treats she will be cooking for her family and friends this evening. Through the month of Ramadan her home is open to everyone to come and share her food. “I love sharing food at this time and cooking special treats for my family, neighbours and friends”. For Rabia food is more than just ‘eating’. It is about coming together, sharing. It is about showing her love for family and friends by preparing a meal for them.

As we clean up, Rabia talks about preparing a traditional breakfast for the students from Cranebrook High and Braddock Public. She wants them to experience her culture. She smiles as she wipes down the tables and talks about semolina, spices and pan fried bread and it is clear to me what preparing a meal for these students means to her.

On average, over 200 hungry and disadvantaged students each week call into the Cranebrook Neighbourhood Centre, to eat breakfast before going to school. NCNS would not be able to operate our unfunded Breakfast Club without our amazing partners: Kelloggs Breakfast Buddies, Braddock Primary School, Cranebrook High School and Penrith City Council, and we are very grateful for their support.

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