The Greatest Shave Bravery

I think it’s safe to say that everyone of us, has in some way, been affected by cancer at some point in our lives. Cancer Australia states the estimated number of new cancer cases diagnosed in 2017 in Australia is 134,174.

In our local community, Beau, a year 1 student from Braddock Public School found out that his grandmother was recently diagnosed with cancer. After hearing this news, he decided that he wanted to do the greatest shave. He wanted to shave his head so that his grandmother “would not be the only one in the family with no hair.”

Beau’s mother then approached a NCNS worker, Donna and asked if we would be able to donate $120 to the cause. Of course NCNS wanted to be a part of this important cause and we were touched by Beau’s concern for his grandmother.

Beau’s mother and Donna organised for Beau to shave his head during his school assembly. The school was on board and Beau shaved his head in front of his peers and the entire school. It was really special that other children got to see how brave this young man was and Beau was able to spread the message of such an important cause that affects so many of us.

Beau gave a “big thank you to NCNS for sponsoring him.”

A beautiful display of love, we want to recognise Beaus bravery and also shout out to Braddock Public School for allowing him to do this during their school assembly.

This story is an incredible example of family and community coming together when things are tough.

We are so proud of you Beau!

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