With Summer Holidays well and truly over, theres no better time to check in with what our Youth Team have been up to over the break!

Sami from our Youth Team has provided some insight into the activities our youth community have engaged with over the summer break:

Describe the activities of Nepean Community’s School Holiday programs:

The activities that we do at the School Holiday Program can include almost anything! We try to change them each time to suit the weather and so that the young people get to try a variety of activities. We usually have a balance of active and relaxed days to suit everyone. This time we did a lot of water based days with two pool trips and then we also had a few movie days at the Youth Hub, went Ice Skating and finished by going bowling and playing some laser tag.

How many attendees are there?

For each activity we have enough room for 16 young people. This time we had about 12 individuals in the program.

How long has this program been going?

The program first began in 2012.

What is one highlight from this Summer’s program?

One highlight from this program would be going on the Surf Ryder at Ryde’s Pool in Parramatta.

What is one community benefit to this program?

A community benefit to this program is  giving young people the opportunity to experience things that thy may not have had the chance to experience yet free of cost.

How can people get involved?

The program is open to anyone ages 12+ living in Cranebrook, from Kingswood Park High, or Cranebrook High. Once the activities have been organised we advertise on the Youth Team Facebook page and permission notes can be collected from Cranebrook Community Centre or the Youth Hub. 

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