Aboriginal Services

NCNS is the largest provider of Aboriginal support services in the Penrith area. NCNS is staffed by a large team of talented local Aboriginal community workers. Our centre-based Aboriginal services run from Kingswood Park and Cranebrook, and we also facilitate many activities out-and-about in the community at locations across the Local Government area. In 2010 we opened Koolyangarra Aboriginal Family Centre at Cranebrook.

Koolyangarra Aboriginal Family Centre (known as “Kooly”) is a local Aboriginal services hub- running Aboriginal programs, providing a base for outreach services, and where NCNS Aboriginal workers are based.

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Child & Family Programs

NCNS offers a range of early intervention and social inclusion programs for families and children in neighbourhoods across Penrith. Our programs operate as mini service hubs, taking every opportunity to promote participation in early education, engage in fun literacy activities, and to refer families to targeted services – to get support early.

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Young People

NCNS works with young people in schools, centres and neighbourhoods across Penrith.  The small, but active youth team are advocates for the young people they work with, nurturing, supporting and affirming their innate resilience and providing activities big and small that will challenge and inspire them. They have a particular emphasis on working with vulnerable young people in the public housing estate areas of Cranebrook and Kingswood Park, with Aboriginal young people and with young people in Glenmore Park.

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Community Development

Most of us share a common desire for a sense of belonging and a feeling of connection to our local community. At NCNS, Community Development is about building social and community capacity in our most disadvantaged communities; providing local, responsive and flexible services and establishing partnerships and collaborative practice arrangements whenever and wherever possible. Community development is at the heart of all our programs and activities.

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Parenting Programs

  • How to build strong and positive relationships with your children
  • How to manage tricky behaviour
  • How to make parenting more enjoyable and less stressful
  • Get support from the group as you practice your new parenting strategies.

Kids don’t come with an instruction manual. Whether you’re a mum, dad, single parent family, step-parenting or a carer, parenting workshops at NCNS can help you with a specific problem, or provide tips on parenting and help with understanding your child’s development and behaviour.

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Closing the Gap

Closing the Gap is a program that helps Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people in three ways:

  1. Better healthcare
  2. Access to cheaper medicines
  3. Dedicated care coordinators and support worker.

To find out more about the Closing the Gap program click here or contact the team on 02 4706 0299 or


FFT-CW Functional Family Therapy

A new high impact (evidence-based) out-of-home care placement prevention and breakdown solution.

Based on the core principles of Functional Family Therapy (FFT), the evidence-based model Functional Family Therapy – Child Welfare (FFT-CW®) has been specifically developed for families with children and young people (0-17) at risk of being removed from care. FFT-CW® is designed to improve family dynamics, communication and supportiveness while decreasing intense negativity and dysfunctional patterns of behaviour. NCNS is excited to be a part of the roll out of FFT-CW in Penrith.

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