Seniors Week with NCNS!

NSW Seniors Week 2015 ran from 14-22 March and NCNS wasn’t content with running just one event.

The first event was held at Torton Place, and we had a great time with residents planting beautiful hanging baskets, with Elizabeth from Royal Botanic Gardens. We got down and dirty, planting strawberries, native violets, succulents and more, and followed it up with lunch for all. We can’t wait to see the flowers blooming, and the hanging baskets becoming full of fruit and colour.

Our second event was held at South Penrith Neighbourhood Centre, thanks to grants received from Penrith City Council and FACS. It was a jam-packed morning, including Laughing Yoga, Tai Chi, and a couple of IT Workshops.

Laughing Yoga was a hit, with people thoroughly enjoying themselves – in spite of the fears before hand, nobody felt self-conscious, and all were drawn into the activity, telling us afterwards how much they enjoyed it, and how light-hearted they felt following the session.

Our Tai Chi expert, Christy, had seniors up and moving, teaching them some movements and techniques, and  allowing them to experience the relaxation and power that is Tai Chi.

There were two IT Workshops – one to learn how to create an email address, and one to learn how to create a facebok account. Following these workshops, we had amazing kids from Jamison High School sit one on one with our seniors to help answer and IT questions they had, and sort out any issues as well. It was fantastic to see the young people and seniors interacting – they all got on like a house on fire, and the seniors learnt a great deal!

Followed by light refreshments, lucky door prizes, a photobooth, and much laughter, it was wonderful to be able to get our seniors, from South Penrith, Glenmore Park, Emu Plains and Cranebrook, all together for a day celebrating them!

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