Seniors Bingo & Games Day

This years Seniors Festival theme was “Let’s do more together.”

Health conditions, mobility limitations and lack of energy can be detrimental to our senior’s social lives. Social isolation can cause poor emotional health, depression, high blood pressure and decreased physical health. Therefore, it is important for our senior’s to stay active with family, friends and neighbours.

So, for senior’s week, with this theme in mind, we held a Seniors Bingo and Games day at our Cranebrook Neighbourhood Centre where seniors got together for a fun and relaxing morning. They enjoyed music, morning tea, bingo and trivia. The day was a space for seniors to meet new people, share stories and ideas.

We had our fabulous finance officer, Lisa, well known for her boisterous voice, as our Bingo caller; no microphone was needed. She kept the room entertained while being on her best behaviour with her mother, Rita playing bingo with us.

A highlight of the day was a visit from the local early childhood centre whose children sang some wonderful songs.

Check out the video below of our Senior’s playing Bingo.



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