Safe Partying Tips!

Well, the end of the year is approaching very fast, and with that comes all the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Many Young people and many who are young at heart, will be out at parties or music festivals with family and friends over the next couple of months. So with that in mind please take some time to read our tips on Safe Partying so everyone remains safe and happy for 2015!!


Pre – plan your night out
• Make sure you are well rested & have eaten before going out for a long night of dancing or partying.
• Be aware, substance use can lead to risk taking behaviours;
o Unsafe Sex: Ensure you have protection with you – You never know
o Driving Intoxicated: Appoint a designated driver before you leave or make sure you have enough money to get home – Remember never drive after drinking nor get in a car with a driver who has been drinking or taking drugs.
• Dress Appropriately: If you are going to dance all night in a hot, enclosed space or be out in the sun, don’t wear heavy clothes
• Consider any prescribed medication you are on and their interactions with other substances, including Alcohol.

When you are out
• Look After Your Mates – Always.
• Don’t Mix Substances – It’s the leading cause of Alcohol & Other Drug related emergencies
• Rest regularly, even if dancing in a cool area – overheating can happen quickly.
• Drink an adequate amount of water
o 500mls per hour – if active (dancing)
o 250mls per hour – if inactive
• Look After Your Mates – do not get separated from your friends nor let one of your friends become separated from the group.
• Remember your tolerance levels – if you have not been drinking or taking drugs for a while, your tolerance will be lower and it will require less to get you intoxicated.
• If someone is getting into trouble, find out what they have taken and pass it onto the Ambulance Officers when they arrive
• Check you have credit and phone reception OR someway of calling for help if needed
• DO NOT Let someone “sleep it off”. Check on friends periodically to make sure they are not unconscious
o The difference between someone who is just “sleeping it off” and unconscious is that you can’t wake up someone who is unconscious.
o You wont know if they are unconscious unless you try to wake them up
o An unconscious person needs an Ambulance ASAP

If in doubt about someone’s condition call an Ambulance Immediately.

Police DO NOT routinely attend to Drug & Alcohol Overdoses

Remember the best way to avoid harm from Alcohol or Other Drugs is not to use them at all.

safe partying

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