Purpose, Values & Vision

NCNS aims to provide aid and assistance to residents of the Nepean area who are suffering from homelessness, poverty, distress, helplessness and misfortune, through direct relief, practical assistance, increased knowledge, and the implementation of short and long term support programs and services.

Our Vision

A respectful, resilient community that embraces diversity and supports each person to reach their full potential.

Our vision describes why we are here and what we want for our community. It articulates the ideal that NCNS aspires to achieve. It motivates our Board and our staff and guides us in our work. NCNS exists to reduce the inequities in our community and to support each person to feel valued, build resilience and have opportunities to participate fully in society. This is achieved through direct aid and service provision to the most disadvantaged and vulnerable.

Our Purpose

Nepean Community Neighbourhood Services is an innovative grass-roots organisation. We work together with our local community to provide quality programs that enable strength, inclusion and respect, while reducing social and financial disadvantage and distress.

Our purpose statement explains what we will do to make our vision a reality. Our purpose shapes the experience of our clients, the approach of our staff, the priorities of our Board and the nature of our partnerships. We are passionate, courageous and non-judgemental and believe that the most effective way to achieve our purpose is to work with people’s strengths in a collaborative, respectful and innovative way.

Our Values

Our values are the shared priorities that underpin our work as an organisation and our relationships with our community.

» We value diversity
» We are committed to reconciliation
» We respect participation and inclusion
» We actively challenge, advocate, empower as a voice of change
» We are committed to growth through learning and insight
» We strive to be an innovative, collaborative, adaptive, dynamic and initiating organisation
» We are committed to our role as leaders in our field.

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