Photography Competition focuses on positive images

While we are caught up in our busy schedules, we often forget to stop, take a breath and take in our surroundings but when we take a second to capture a picture, we can be present in that moment and escape from the stresses of everyday life.

During September & October, NCNS Community Development Worker, Justine Reynolds invited residents of Cranebrook and Kingswood park to participate in a photography competition with a focus on showcasing positive pictures, events or happenings around our local area.

We received a small yet diverse selection of photos, each with its own story of what was happening and what positive attribute that each photo depicted.

From these photos we discovered that the Regatta and lakes featured heavily alongside the wetlands and that residents from both Cranebrook and Kingswood park loved to participate in local community events.

A highlight of this competition was the beautiful story that went with a photo of a plate a food. This picture symbolised community spirit, the food was a representation of how help was easily located in a family’s time of need.

The winners of this competition received prizes including photography canvases, vouchers for Percy Plunkett, EB Games and Smiggle,  as well as toys.

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