NCNS and Parenting Programs

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  • Feeling angry or down or out-of-control all of the time?
  • Kids driving you crazy?
  • Yelling too much?
  • Or, just want to know more?

Whether you’re a mum, dad, single parent, step-parent, carer, or a grandparent, the parenting courses, workshops, and seminars offered by NCNS can help you with a specific problem, or provide tips on parenting and help with understanding your child’s development and behaviour.

There is no shame in asking for help. [pullquote align=”right”]What we hear more than anything is how much less stressful and more enjoyable and rewarding every day is for parents.[/pullquote]

The changes that families are able to achieve through the skills and knowledge learnt in the parenting programs we offer is truly transformative.

”The Triple P program is not telling us how to be a parent; it’s giving us the tools to be better at it.” Louise – mum of two.

shutterstock_108541145-minOur parenting programs can provide tools and techniques to:

  • encourage behaviour you like from your child

  • deal positively and consistently with problem behaviour

  • build strong and positive relationships with your children

  • and MOST importantly make parenting more enjoyable and less stressful

Every term NCNS runs programs focusing on:

  • Positive parenting for children (2 to 12 years) and teens (11 to 16 years)
  • Child anxiety
  • AD/HD
  • Parent-child relationship; and
  • Resilience

Additional programs such as Aboriginal Triple P and Keeping Children Safe are also scheduled. Click here for more information on all our available programs.

Call Narelle on 47218520 or email for information, or to register for a workshop.

“Having the Triple P information in my “parenting toolbox” has made a remarkable difference.  I feel that it has definitely helped to avoid the extremes of emotions I know they can experience at this age and beyond” Sandy – mum of three

 “The course taught me a lot about how to be a really good Dad. Not a hard Dad.  I have learnt how I can go with the flow. I am being there for my kids.” Drew – single dad of two.

“Triple P is going well.  Our house is so much quieter than it used to be J. Had such a beautiful moment … my eldest son said to his dad “Mum, she does discipline us, she is just much nicer about it. She talks to us nicer and we respond better, it’s what she learnt at Triple P.” I had tears of joy in my eyes, thank you so very much! My two boys are more responsible, more positive towards each other, are learning new skills and are allowed to do more things now that I have more consistent boundaries in place. They both appreciate and respect the logical consequence system. My eldest boy with ADHD is rarely in time-out or quiet time and true meltdowns are rare now too.” Sarah – mother of three