NCNS and Community Development

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Community Development[/googlefont]

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Most of us share a common desire for a sense of belonging and a feeling of connection to our local community.

At NCNS, Community Development is about building social and community capacity in our most disadvantaged communities; providing local, responsive and flexible services and establishing partnerships and collaborative practice arrangements whenever and wherever possible.

Community development is at the heart of all our programs and activities.

NCNS runs local, accessible centres providing free or low-cost activities, support and practical assistance. Taking activities out of centres and into the community – in schools, parks and estates is also a priority for our community development work.

As well as running 4 neighbourhood centres and an Aboriginal Family/Community Centre, we also take a lead role on many networks and inter-agencies to be active in ensuring a responsive and informed service system. This work “behind the scenes”, advocating to all levels of government and working through interagency processes to identify and address community needs is equally important to our more obvious local community activities and events.

The work can include:

  • Identifying and prioritising issues and service gaps in local communities and taking actions to address these
  • Raising awareness and having conversations about all sorts of issues such as domestic violence prevention, or mental health in neighbourhoods and schools
  • Working with others on long term community plans to address significant issues such as housing accessibility, or Aboriginal health inequity
  • Organising community events for youth week, NAIDOC week, seniors week etc
  • Working collaboratively across sectors to make it easier for disadvantaged residents to access targeted services
  • Making submissions and talking to government about emerging issues
  • Contributing to strengthening, skilling-up, and the professionalism of the sector
  • Participation at every opportunity to make positive change in our communities
  • Running activities that reduce social isolation; build community capacity; teach new skills; provide for cultural and creative expression; recreational, social, developmental and learning opportunities for kids and young people, and opportunities for all residents to participate and contribute to their community.

Our centres are:

  • Cranebrook Neighbourhood Centre
  • North Penrith Community Centre – Kingswood Park
  • South Penrith Neighbourhood Centre
  • Floribunda Community Centre – Glenmore Park
  • Koolyangarra Aboriginal Family Centre – Cranebrook
  • PLUS – loads of activities out and about, at schools and parks, in the community 

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