NAIDOC at Jamison Park 2014


This year’s NAIDOC at Jamison Park was huge, and NCNS were proud to be a part of it.

As usual, our staff were all involved, helping out in our activities – nail painting, loom bands, sporting activities and photobooth – as well as our information stall, and engaging with families and other services.


The nail painting was a massive hit, with kids getting pampered with gorgeous Aboriginal designs. A close second was the loom bands – always a favourite – we got to see bracelets galore, and even necklaces, with the kids teaching US how to do it!


It was a beautiful day, sunny and not too cold, and there were so many smiling faces going from activity to activity, the photobooth couldn’t keep up.

Our Youth Team set the challenge – and young people were very busy at our sporting activity area – there was an intense netball competition, as well as 4-way tug-of-war, a maze, and even volleyball.


There were lots of services involved on the day, and it was a great opportunity for NCNS staff to learn about other programs, and make important connections.

But most importantly of all, our NAIDOC event is always a day that brings the community together.

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