Move, Explore, Create, is an 8-week music therapy program, run at Koolyangarra Aboriginal Family Centre, in conjunction with Nordoff Robins.

M.E.C provides interactive activities using live music, promoting children’s developmental & social skills. The children get moving, exploring and creating! The program incorporates singing, drumming, playing instruments and dancing, encouraging the children to discover and play while creating their own learning experience!

The program is run by Rachel, a Wiradjuri women, one of only two Aboriginal music therapists in NSW.  Rachel is currently teaching the children songs in Aboriginal language, allowing them to connect with their Aboriginal heritage and culture.  Identifying with their culture enhances the children’s learning experience and promotes self-esteem.

M.E.C was run at NCNS in Term 1, and is currently running in Term 2.  The program will be continuing in Term 1 & 2, in 2018. We look forward to running this program again next year!

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