Me & Bub Pop Up

Me and Bub is an opportunity for community to come together and share their stories and journeys about parenthood. Many parents face challenges with raising children and often believe that they are alone in their struggles. The Me and Bub project offers parents or guardians the chance to tell their stories with other people in the community and offer ideas to how we can better support one another through parenthood.

Strength comes from community and they always say, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’. All the stories that are shared will be written in a journal which will travel around the community. Parents will have the opportunity to read other parents’ stories and undoubtedly find similarities.

Storytelling allows community to share their experience and views in their own words building common ground among individuals in the community. Stories and pictures provide a human face to the complex challenges facing residents in the community today. They can revel common values that we share as a collective and start conversation that need to be had so we can better support one another thorough our journeys.

There has been an enormous amount of support from the community welcoming this project and its objectives of storytelling, journeys and community support. It is an opportunity for parents to learn, grow and develop support systems for other parents going through the same journey. During the pop-up parents are given information regarding services in the area that can support them, reducing the feeling of isolation and promoting community participation. Many referrals were handed out to parents to attend our fabulous playgroup that connects parents with young children to our early childhood team. This is a chance for parents to discover the services that are available to them locally.

If you would like to share you story with us please contact Nada on or 0407 044 119. This is a great way to connect with other parents in the community and open the way for supporting our kids and families.

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