Make Time Women’s Group learn line dancing

We all know that exercise can have a positive impact on our physical, mental and social health but many of us struggle to find a type of exercise that we actually enjoy.

Last Tuesday, Emma from our Make Time Women’ Group courageously put herself out there and shared her passion for dance by showing the group how to line dance. For some of the group, this was a new challenging skill to learn. Emma was very patient with us all while we attempted to keep to the beat, stay in time and work together as a group. She also showed us some creative ways of remembering the different steps.

The morning was filled with fun and laughter, all cares taken away while making exercise an enjoyable experience for everyone that participated.

The ladies were surprised at how much of a work out they got while line dancing, and the level of fitness required to keep going.

Since this was such a hit, the Make Time Women’s Group are planning to incorporate dance at least once a term in 2019 where anyone will be welcome to join.

Check out the ladies, having a go below:

If you would like to find out more about the Make Time Women’s Group, please contact Justine on 02 4729 0442.

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