Local volunteers use their skills to help others

On 21st January, the NCNS Communities team worked together with some of our amazing local volunteers to hold a Community Day at Cranebrook Neighbourhood Centre. The aim was to utilise the skills that our volunteers  already had and put them to good use by helping others in the local community.

We had over 20 community members attend the day who took advantage of what was on offer. Our volunteers helped with sewing and hemming uniforms.

Tracey from our Collective Community Volunteer Group was able to assist with computer help and resume writing.

NCNS Aboriginal Community Worker, Dave Gillett, was able to provide JP services.

Those who attended this Community Day also enjoyed a casual lunch, coffee and social get together while browsing through some fantastic donations that had been generously donated to Cranebrook Neighbourhood Centre.

NCNS Community Development Worker, Justine Reynolds explained, “There was a real sense of community connection, joint sharing of ideas and resident knowledge. We saw many new faces who were surprised and delighted to find out about and interested in getting involved with groups run by NCNS in the local area.”

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