KP Street Art Project

This term, NCNS invited the youth of Kingswood Park to join in for the KP Street Art Project. This was a 5 week program where youth worked together – along with professional street artists – to produce a mural celebrating youth week, and the theme “Our Voice. Our Impact”.

Throughout the program, youths between 12 and 18 years old learnt all about the skill, techniques and history of Street Art, at North Penrith Community Centre.

Weeks 1 to 3 were used to teach youths the laws around street art, and learn the skills needed to produce a piece of Art, instead of ‘graffiti’. The young people worked hard, practicing drawing and sketching in pads, bringing out their “inner artist”.

Street Art Project Weeks 1 to 3

Finally, in week 4, the youths are let loose on the spray cans! We had boards set up on the fence at North Penrith Community Centre, and the youths practiced their skills, spraying the boards with their own unique designs.

Street Art Project Week 4

Week 5 meant it was time for the real thing – and the youths put all their newfound knowledge and newly developed skills into action, creating a beautiful mural – work of art! – that will proudly be displayed at the North Penrith Community Centre.

Street Art Project Mural

NCNS are really proud of the work that the young people have put into this project, and enjoyed watching them bringing forth their talents, and developing their skills and their own sense of pride. The youths worked together, encouraging each other, and helping each other out, all while having a fantastically fun time.

Why don’t you pop in to North Penrith Community Centre to have a look?

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