Kingswood Park residents work with artist to improve local park

Over the past few weeks, children and residents of Kingswood Park have been working hard to design and share their interpretations and thoughts for improvement of the local park.

Several consultations have taken place at the park with artist Angela Pasqua, who will be working together with the children and residents to make their designs come to life in the park area.

Angela has been sharing her expertise of the art world teaching us all about texture, colour and the richness of the environment.

There has been much discussion around the local fauna and flora. The children and Angela even spotted some flying pelicans.

We are so excited to see how all the designs come together as a collective.

Don’t forget to watch out for the upcoming design implementation dates and come and join us!

To speak with NCNS Community Development worker, Justine Reynolds please contact 02 4729 0442 or

This is a Magnetic Places project supported by Penrith City Council.

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