Impact on school attendance

During the school term, we run a FREE breakfast club at Cranebrook Neighbourhood Centre for school students from the local area.

Braddock Public School’s transport to school program uses the NCNS bus to pick kids up from their homes and drop them off to our Breakfast Club. Once they have had their breakfast, they are then transported from our centre to the school. The teachers from the school go the extra mile and take turns driving the bus and picking up/dropping off the students.

This is such an important program, encouraging school attendance and ensuring kids have a delicious breakfast every morning.

Michelle Drage, Principal of Braddock Public School, reported that  students have had an increase by 19% in their attendance rate. That’s about an extra 38 days (on average) per student per year at school – so they are here on average nearly 7 weeks more per year! “

Thank you so much for this opportunity! Our relationship with NCNS will only continue to see us make more of a difference for our students.” 

The kids love coming to breakfast club to hang out with their friends, be in a safe space and of course have a tasty breakfast.

A little while ago we asked our brekky kids what brekky club was for them. See their responses below:

For more information about brekky club please click here.


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