Getting Creative in Cranebrook during magnetic places project

The art works for our Magnetic Places Project, called Pathway to Connection, have now been completed.

We had children from Tamara and young people from Kooly Youth Drop-in making and decorating the ceramic masks. They will be installed on the fence in the Neighbourhood Centre backyard. The designs to go on the figures were created by Braddock Public OOSH, Kooly Youth Drop-in and the Kooly Art Group.

We were lucky to have Uncle Bryan come and help some playgroup families and Women’s Group participants to paint the designs onto the figures which are now ready to be installed on the Neighbourhood Centre fences. It’s been a great project and we saw a lot of happy faces and artistic talent at the workshops facilitated by Diamando Koutsellis.

When the works are installed, we’ll have a launch event to celebrate. Watch this space!

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