New friendships in Floribunda

TOE making birds-7-minIt was a grim and rainy day when I spotted a flyer on the door of Floribunda Community Centre … ‘Taste Of Everything’ it said, ‘come and join in the fun’. On a whim, and with little confidence, I called the number given and arranged to go along to the next group meeting to find out more and to see if I could cope with ‘getting back out there’. My fears were unfounded. I was greeted with smiles, made to feel welcome, and by the time morning tea was served I was comfortable and at ease chatting away with my new found friends.

Meeting for one morning each week, I quickly discovered how much TOE had to offer, it’s a good place to make new friends and a great way to get IMG_1939-minback into the community. There is no pressure to get involved with every activity, but I find myself looking forward to the next project or outing. I’ve expanded on crafts I already had an interest in as well as having the opportunity of trying something totally new.

I reflect on the last three years and just how far I have come, how much confidence I have re-gained, and the wonderful friendships that have been formed within the group.

We have baked, stitched, quilted, painted, made candles and soaps. We have created greetings cards, IMG_1934-minjewellery, dream catchers and mosaics. There have been guest tutors and speakers, visits to local places of interest, trips and lunches; we got involved in ‘Clean Up’ day too, now that was a day of giggles!

For me, TOE has been a huge part of my life saving process. I have bonded with some incredible women, I’ve had a lot of fun along the way, and I’ve
re-gained my smile.

When women support each other, incredible things can happen.

This Blog has been written by TOE’s group member Veronica.

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