#Friends Program

The #Friends (Love Bites Jnr) program was developed with the intention to promote healthy respectful relationships and use of social media. Our aim was to create an environment where young people lead the conversations and feel open to express their beliefs and values. We covered areas such as power in a relationship, what helps or harms relationships, communication, managing jealousy, relationships on social media and sharing information on social media.

There were many highlights throughout the program. What stood out to me the most was how the students were willing to express their thoughts and beliefs while also willing to listen to others. It got people to think about their relationships. The biggest highlight was the last day of the program where the young people were asked to make posters with messages promoting respectful relationships and/or use of social media. The posters were brilliant and made with great thought. The students had really captured what the program was trying to achieve. We are so proud of the student’s efforts and involvement throughout the program.

Check out the amazing posters our young people created during this program.


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