Free vaccinations & health checks for pets

On Saturday the 13th of October North Penrith Community Centre in Kingswood Park opened its doors to the animals of Penrith. This was possible through partnerships with Greencross Coreen Ave Vets and the RSPCA who provide vets, vet nurses and students who volunteer their time to ensure we can achieve a healthy community for our pets. They also cooked up a sausage sizzle which was much appreciated. The objective of the day was to vaccinate and conduct health checks on our furry friends making sure they are as healthy and happy as they can be. This was an opportunity for community to have educational conversations with the vets from RSPCA and Greencross Vets regarding any concerns they had for their pets. We had over 20 cats and 35 dogs come through the doors to get their yearly vaccinations which was a fantastic outcome.

On Saturday 27 October Cranebrook Pet Day saw another great day working towards a Parvo Free Penrith, with 85 free health checks and 74 vaccinations for the pets of Cranebrook.  A united team effort by NCNS, Greencross Coreen Ave Vets, RSPCA and Bayer Animal Health ensured all pets were vaccinated, microchipped, given a health check as well as worming and flea control were provided by Bayer. We were glad to welcome Bayer to our Pet Days. It was a day full of puppies and kittens and great partnerships.

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  1. Hi I am just writing to ask if free check ups vaccines and everything else is available I have 2 kittens atm and need to see someone I’m in a crisis with money atm would you please get back to me as soon as possible please

    1. Hi Georgia, Unfortunately we do not have any pet days coming up at the moment. You could check with the council or your local vet to see if they can help you in any way. Thanks! Rachel

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