FoodREDi Program

Before the world was sent into chaos due to Covid-19, NCNS was delivering a 6 week FoodREDi Program with 10 participants from Cranebrook, Glenmore Park and Kingswood Park.

The FoodREDi Program helps participants learn how to save money on groceries and to eat more healthily, with hands on guidance on preparing and cooking easy, tasty meals.

This program had to shut down due to Covid-19 restrictions during term 2 so during term 3, Community Development Worker, Justine decided that we would deliver the remainder of this program remotely.

Justine made up hampers of fresh ingredients and delivered them to the participants homes.

Justine laughed, “I felt a bit like Hello Fresh, haha! I loved that some families sent through photos of them cooking and eating the food they had made during the program.”

The group kept in touch via phone, Facebook and Facetime to ask any questions, share recipes and talk about any struggles. Monique from Penrith City Council will be doing a check in and Justine has spoken with the families who participated who provided positive feedback:

“Great new ideas and recipes”

“I loved learning how to make healthier substitutes”

“I can’t believe my children ate this!”

“Quick and simple”

“I loved that it has healthy desert options and healthy snack foods”

Justine explained,” I loved doing this program due to the great benefits for those who participate in the program. We would love to be able to deliver this program again in the future.”

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