Family therapy sees positive changes in local families

Functional Family Therapy – Child Welfare (FFT-CW) is a model of therapy that works with families who have child protection concerns. We have the privilege of working with local families in their homes every week for up to six months.

FFT-CW would like to take this opportunity to wish one of our Therapists all the very best for her upcoming maternity leave. Dawn and her partner Robert will be welcoming a baby any day now and whilst we will miss her over these next 12 months, we look forward to baby visits! Speaking of welcomes, we have had the fortune of taking on a well-known and very experienced NCNS person, Narelle Smith, as Dawn’s replacement. Welcome Narelle!

Below is a quick snapshot of some successes we have had over this last term.

NCNS Family Practitioner, Craig Donnelly-Wells began working with a family as Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) were concerned about the possibility of excessively punitive parenting. After completing FFT-CW, Dad made two profound statements:  ‘I feel now as a family we are closer than ever and able to open up and talk more and be more honest’, ‘I can see that I have make the small changes needed for my family’.  Another contributing factor to the family’s success in working with FFT-CW seemed to be an environmental one, pertaining to Dad’s employment, this seemed to minimise Dad’s workplace stress, which then had a positive flow on effect at home. Most importantly, the children said to Craig that they felt safer and that Dad is much less reactive these days.

NCNS Family Practitioner, Nigella Bishop worked with a family of Mum, Stepdad and two young teenagers. We worked with a referral behaviour of intense family conflict.  One child in particular exhibited explosive behaviour at home and this was because he had considerable issues at his school. FFT-CW taught the family specific skills so they could self-regulate in a healthy way. The family really took these skills on board and practised every week. Fortunately, we saw a distinct decrease in aggressive behaviours and an increase of good family communication.

NCNS Family Practitioner, Sara Johnston started working with a family alongside the Blue Mountains Community Services Centre (CSC) as they were concerned about the relationship between Mother and Child. Last week Sara, DCJ and other services received an email from Mum saying, “Sara Johnston has been invaluable in teaching me to handle successfully by ‘planned ignoring’. We have been able to have some play dates without any major conflicts, and I have kept up our regular daily routines throughout for his stability. I have also made significant headway in my personal therapies in regards to my anxieties in my relationship with my son and we have been enjoying each other’s company much more’

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