Family Getaways: Navigating Holidays with Kids Through Routine, Planning, and Playful Adventures

As the holiday season approaches, one thing is certain – keeping the kids entertained is a top priority. So, how do you ensure a smooth holiday experience? It’s all about planning, being flexible, maintaining some routine and some good fun for the little ones.


The first step is to sort out your leave and budget. If you haven’t locked in your leave dates, do it now. Check out travel and accommodation options, including online deals and vouchers. Consider family-friendly destinations with onsite activities. Involve your children as much as possible to plan a holiday with activities that everyone will enjoy. When booking accommodation, consider if you need extra cots or cooking facilities and how close you are to the sites you wish to see.

Consider budget-friendly alternatives like camping trips, road adventures, or day trips to the beach, mountains, parks, and pools. Pack your snacks and occasionally treat the kids to a special lunch or ice cream – budget-friendly and delightful!

The Importance of Routines:

Holidays are a break from the norm, a time for fun and relaxation. Yet, maintaining some routine is key. Start adjusting meal and sleep times a week before your departure to ease the transition. Children tend to sleep later and sleep in on holidays. Consider creating a holiday schedule that balances planned and spontaneous activities. It can be a fun task for creative kids to take charge of. Let them craft it with paints and markers or on a whiteboard, detailing the day’s adventures.

Staying Active:

Whether you’re staying local or going away, planning healthy activities like swimming, bushwalking, outdoor games, skating, biking, and other sports is a good idea. Staying active is key to both physical and mental health, especially during holidays, as it helps release excess energy and aids bedtime.

Plan outdoor activities either early in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the intense midday heat. When outdoors, remember to Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek, and Slide.

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