Empowering Youth: NCNS’ School Holiday Program Fuels Adventure and Friendship

Nepean Community and Neighbourhood Services (NCNS) recently concluded an amazing School Holiday Program that left teenagers buzzing with excitement. Packed with thrilling activities like Oz tag, laser tag, and rock climbing, this action-filled program created unforgettable memories and provided valuable experiences for all participants.

The program’s sporting activities weren’t just about having fun—they offered a range of benefits for the teens. Engaging in team sports like Oz tag not only improved their physical fitness and coordination but also fostered collaboration, discipline, and good sportsmanship.

A unique highlight of the program was promoting independence by encouraging participants to prepare their own sandwiches and snacks for some of the days. This hands-on experience empowered teens to take control of their nutrition and develop essential life skills like meal planning. It was a practical and valuable lesson in self-sufficiency.

One of the program’s standout aspects was the emphasis on social connection. Engaging in group activities and sharing meals created opportunities for teens to form new friendships and strengthen existing bonds. Beyond the fun and socialising, the School Holiday Program offered valuable personal growth opportunities, allowing participants to discover their strengths, build resilience, and develop a greater sense of self.

NCNS’ School Holiday Program provides an outstanding adventure for teenagers. From the thrilling activities that improved physical fitness to the promotion of independence and social connections, the program offered a well-rounded experience. With a focus on personal growth and the development of life skills, participants walked away with more than just amazing memories. NCNS remains committed to providing transformative experiences that empower and enrich the lives of young individuals in the community.

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