How do you get real change? You bring people together to create the Cranebrook they want!

Cranebrook Connects is a long-term project that does just that. Schools, services, government departments, council, and most importantly, community, have joined together to create the Cranebrook that they want and need. Already, we are creating change, such as implementing a bus to bring primary kids to school, but we are ready to take it to the next level.

[pullquote align=”right”]Already, we are creating change … but we are ready to take it to the next level.[/pullquote]

CC3On Wednesday, 22 June, we held a Community Forum at Braddock Public School, open to all residents of Cranebrook. We wanted to give community the opportunity to have their say, and have a conversation about what they like about living in Cranebrook, and what they see are the things that need to be worked on to make it even better. We had a fantastic turn out – high school students, mums, grandparents, and even a group of primary school children – and conversation was lively, respectful, and very insightful. We were welcomed by one of our very successful Cranebrook High School students, Reece Nuttal, and Donna Large, a well-known community member, told us why it’s important to work together.

The biggest themes from the discussions were around creating a safer environment for the whole community, increasing connections, and creating a clean, inviting place to live. Here are some examples of what our community wants to see:

”Healthy environment – the change might persuade people to come and live here.”

“More things to do so the people who do the wrong things have something to do so they are not doing the wrong thing and the police won’t have to come.” (out of the mouths of babes)

“A safe feel to all parts of Cranebrook; not just specific neighbourhoods.”

“More programs for younger children.”

The best thing to come out of the morning, though, was the overall agreement that community members need and want to be involved in the change, and so have created a Community Working Group, which will work alongside our current working groups (Social Norms and Community Capacity, and A Safe Community for Children and Young People) and the Steering Committee, to give their needs a real voice, and help direct the project’s outcomes.

We are really excited about what’s coming up for Cranebrook.

If you are interested in joining Cranebrook Connects, or finding out about our Community Working Group, please call Julie on 0400 772 117.

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