Cooking from scratch, on a budget plus handy tips and tricks

You may have read about the new Collective Community group in Penrith, made up of residents from the area who want to give back to their community. One of the groups first suggestions was to hold a cooking workshop to help community members learn and share new cooking skills and information.

The workshop had a great turn out with 18 participants attending on the day. The group was diverse, and we loved seeing some new faces join in.

NCNS Community Development Worker, Justine Reynolds began the workshop by sharing information about cheap grocery, meat and pantry items in or around the Penrith area as well as how to utilise online resources. Justine handed out a leaflet that could be shared amongst attendees’ friends and neighbours.  If you would like a copy of the Local Cheap Food Sources, please feel free to download it from the link at the end of this blog.

Cathy Briffa, NCNS Community worker and Brekky Club superstar, did a fantastic job of teaching the community handy hints and tricks of the kitchen.

Cathy talked about the different flour types, how to make your own essence, castor sugar, self-raising flour, caramel and buttermilk.

NCNS staff have had the pleasure of tasting  NCNS Community Worker, Rabias’ cooking and know she is an absolutely wonderful cook. Rabia demonstrated how to make chicken rice and her sought-after, butter chicken from scratch, using only fresh ingredients, nothing from a jar.

Rabia also shared where to get the best herbs and spices from, what they are used for and how to make your own.

Participants were lucky enough to be able to sample both Rabia and Cathy’s food at the end of the workshop. While we enjoyed tasting the delicious food samples, we were able to exchange information, ideas and happenings in the local area.

Since this workshop was a hit with the community, the Collective Community group are looking at other workshops that they believe will be beneficial to the Penrith community. Watch this space!

If you are interested in joining the Collective Community group please feel free to come along or contact Justine on 02 4729 0442 or for more information.

Local Cheap Food Sources


Download Local Cheap Food Sources

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