Community create an edible garden

Last Thursday we invited community to help us create an edible garden at our Cranebrook Neighbourhood Centre, after graciously being donated a garden bed and plants from Bunnings.

Edible Garden

Edible Garden

There were approximately four families who came along and helped build the garden. NCNS Staff were delighted to see families get involved in this project. Families and staff worked well together and enjoyed the day outside in the fresh air. Young children loved being able to get amongst the soil and place the various plants. Young people did an amazing job moving all the soil and installing the irrigation system.

It was so great to see children & young people, along with their families learning about and getting excited about gardening, as well as the different herbs and vegetables that they put into the garden.

Edible Garden Edible Garden

We would like to especially thank Melody from Bunnings who worked alongside us, while educating community and staff about the different vegetables and herbs that were being planted. Our garden now contains broad beans, lettuce, rosemary and blueberry. We look forward to watching our edible garden flourish.

Edible Garden

We have also had interest in our edible garden from people attending our Brekky Club which is exciting.

Thank you to the families who came along and participated in creating the garden. We really enjoyed spending the afternoon doing this together.

Come along to our Cranebrook Community Centre to check it out for yourself!

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