Community Bank – Coming to Penrith Soon!

If you follow our blog, it’s likely that you are someone who has an interest in building community, making best use of every little way we can make our community better, and you believe in Penrith. Like us at NCNS, you’ll know that Penrith people care and contribute in so many ways to make their community a great place for everyone.

I’ve joined with a fantastic group of Penrith locals – business owners, mums, residents and active retirees – to get a Community Bank happening.

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Our plan is a High Street branch, where a proportion of profits go back into the community. Just to give you a taste – the Richmond branch has put $1.2 million back into the community in 10 years. That’s amazing! Imagine what we could do in Penrith.

The community bank is underwritten by Bendigo Bank but is run by a local board. We are currently looking for “pledges” from people/businesses/NFP’s to:

A) bring their business (savings accounts, mortgages, credit cards, loans etc) to the Community bank when we open
B) buy shares in the bank to get it going – investment starts from $500

If, like us, you’d rather see profits stay in Penrith – and you are interested in considering a pledge – please call me or any of the other committee to discuss this. We’d be happy to come to your workplace / group or club to tell you more.

For more information about pledging, click here.

Click here for the Pledge Form.

Here is a link about the benefits of Community Banks.

And keep an eye on our newsletters for more information.

Joy Impiombato
General Manager, Nepean Community & Neighbourhood Services
Phone: 02 4721 8520

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