Children’s Fun Day

The Kingswood Park Kids Fun Day was held during the Christmas School Holidays as part of a Kingswood Park Kids Collective Community Grant established prior to COVID-19. The children held meetings and planning sessions, they learnt how to budget and look at the safety aspects of holding an event. Alongside these skills they began to realise the importance of negotiation and inclusion, often working through a long session of working out ways to make the groups majority apply.

It was a great catch up with the children and families in the local area after the Christmas break. After what had been a very disruptive year and often very confusing for children, they all enjoyed letting their hair down and having some fun whilst still being COVID-19 friendly.

NCNS put on some really fun and often messy play activities. The children’s favourite activities were Pie Face and making their own batch of slime. They also enjoyed Fortnite, Monopoly, ball games, art and craft and cake decorating were also throughout the day. The group is looking forward to more fun days in the future.

Check out the photos below!

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