Children staying at brekky club longer, giving them a chance to really connect & develop long lasting friendships

Brekky Club in Term 3 has been great fun with a variety of things going on. We have been doing lots of artwork with the guidance of Uncle Dennis, activities to identify safe people during Child Protection Week, teaching each other card games and board games.

The children have been enjoying the great weather and getting outside for some cricket and tag, table tennis competitions and of course eating a whole bunch of toasties.

Brekky Club Worker, Kim Sutcliffe explained,I have seen great growth within brekky club, with a large portion of attendee’s being highschoolers whom we see each day throughout the week and who stay for the entirety of the time Brekky Club operates which is great to see. The Braddock kids are forming some great relationships with the teens and really looking up to them, and I think this will help form future safe people for the kids as they enter high school.

Seeing the children express themselves throughout the artwork has been amazing! Their connection to culture and sense of belonging is so strongly expressed and seen through this.

Children of all ages staying at Brekky Club for longer periods of time, instead of grabbing a toasty and leaving. This has been a huge win and allows us to really connect with the children and form relationships with them, which keeps them coming back.

We are sad to see some of our highschoolers leave as year 12 wraps up this week, but we wish them all the best and have been encouraging them to drop in and visit us!”

For more information about our Brekky Club please click here!

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