Casework & Family Support

[googlefont font=”Arimo” size=”14px” margin=”10px 0 20px 0″]Sometimes families need extra support. Our Brighter Futures and Aboriginal Family Support workers are there to provide short and longer term assistance through home visiting and casework programs. Tutoring for Aboriginal kids is available to eligible families in casework support at NCNS. Click here for more info…[/googlefont]

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  Brighter Futures – Supporting Aboriginal Families

Being a parent can be tough, and there are times when families may need a helping hand. Brighter Futures is designed for families encountering problems that impact on their ability to care for their children. The program recognises that supporting families before problems reach a crisis improves family resilience, promotes healthy child development, and reduces child abuse and neglect. As an Aboriginal Brighter Futures project, our program includes tutoring for Aboriginal children and Aboriginal supported playgroup.

  Aboriginal Family Worker

Crisis support, home-visiting, advocacy and casework for Aboriginal families with children 0-12.

 Parenting Programs

Parenting Programs

Every term, NCNS provide a range of evidence-based programs to support parents and families – Triple P, Circle of Security, Special Playtime, Eat It To Beat It, Resilience Donut and Keeping Children Safe. Childcare provided. Transport available for Aboriginal parents.


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