CAP Grant helps us to create & give away sensory packs to young children to help teach them emotional regulation.

Amy, NCNS Aboriginal Child & Family Worker, applied and was successful in receiving a Community Assistance Program (CAP) grant to buy sensory items and create sensory packs to help teach children emotional regulation. Amy provided instructions to the parents of the children the packs were given to, to help parents use them with their children appropriately.

Each item was included for a particular purpose. The rainmaker can be used to support eye and hand coordination. The plushie can be used as an emotional support buddy and comfort children with squishy cuddles. The spikey ball helps to support gross motor skills. Bubble therapy is great an amazing activity to do with children as the deep breathing required to blow bubbles is great to help them to relax and relieve stress. The rainbow twirl ribbons help to improve dexterity. The water bead maze enhances visual attention, fine motor skills and also problem solving skills.

To speak with our early childhood team, please contact 02 4729 0442.

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