Cans for breakfast

Would it surprise you to know that 1 in 4 children in Australia skip breakfast?

Some of the impacts of children going to school hungry can include:

  • Difficulty concentrating in the classroom
  • Lethargy
  • Learning difficulties
  • Behavioural problems
  • Student can lose 2 hours a day of learning
  • Impede student’s ability to reach full potential

This year community members, Doris & Renee, have been collecting cans to raise money and are donating the proceeds to our Breakfast Club.

Brekky Club

Over 400 – 500 children attend our Brekky Club each week and with numbers constantly increasing, we are only just keeping up with demand.

Students are provided with cereal, fresh fruit, yogurt, ham & cheese toasties and poppers.

Brekky Club

The donation money that Doris & Renee have raised so far has been put towards extra supplies allowing us to provide recess and poppers to children who may otherwise go without.

Brekky Club

Community as well as our own NCNS staff have also been donating goods for kid’s recess. This is amazing and we would like to thank you all for your generous contributions. We always welcome donations, every bit helps feed children in the local area.

One single mum expressed gratitude for her children being able to attend Brekky Club. Struggling with a limited budget, this mum has been able to save $100 week due to not having to buy breakfast foods for her family. That money can now go towards clothes or other school supplies for her children.

We sat down with Doris & Renee to find out what inspired them to collect cans and donate the proceeds to our Brekky Club.

What made you think of collecting cans and donating the profits?

While speaking with a neighbour about the 10¢ cash back on cans, I recalled a conversation I had with Cathy about Brekky Club and recess for the kids.

Why did you choose to donate this money to our Brekky Club?

We have both always wanted to volunteer and were looking for the right organisation to help. As Cathy is a family member, we hear about all the work that she does at Brekky Club as well as the impact that it has on the children and felt that we wanted to help even more

How much money have you raised so far by collecting cans?

So far, since February 2018, we have raised $625

What is your process? Where/who do you get your cans from? Where do you take the cans?

We collect the cans/bottles from family members, friends and work colleagues then we take them to a collection centre near home. We do this twice a week.

How does donating money to help feed kids breakfast impact you on a personal level?

We feel that it is great to be able to help kids in need. Doris was a youth club dance and trampoline instructor and fundraising was a great part of this. It also involved many members of our family who took part as well.

Word of mouth has made our collection bigger and it just keeps growing.

NCNS would like to thank Doris and Renee for all their hard work and generous donations!

Brekky Club is a safe space for children to hang out and fuel their brains for the day ahead.

Brekky Club

Students Caleb, Nicolas, Riley & Blake who regularly attend our Brekky Club wrote this beautiful note and left it on Cathy’s desk.

Brekky Club


This is why we do what we do!

For more information about our Brekky Club or if you would like to donate please contact 02 4729 0442 or email









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