You too can be a hero for book week

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Neville is in his early eighties. He comes in regularly to swap books, but the books he chooses aren’t for himself. Each time he visits, he returns books and then carefully chooses something for his wife to read in the nursing home she lives in nearby. Tight budgets don’t stop him bringing the gift of a new book when he visits his wife!

Edna’s daughter brings her to the neighbourhood centre every week to swap books. In her eighties, Edna often wakes in the wee hours of the morning. With a romance novel to read, she can while away the dark hours until she can fall asleep again. Romance novels (even some saucy ones) make an important contribution to the lives of some of our community members!

Every Wednesday, 4 year old Ben runs into the neighbourhood centre with mum, eager to see what new kid’s books he can borrow from the Community Library at South Penrith Neighbourhood Centre. Always polite and always enthusiastic, we love seeing Ben’s face light up over another new book! But…we’re running low on books! Will you be Ben’s hero?

You too can be a superhero for Book Week 20-26 August 2016, we’re asking for donations for our Community Book Drive.

We need your books! All books in reasonable condition will be appreciated – don’t be worried about style or category! Fiction or non-fiction, romance or thriller, children’s books or autobiography – we have loving homes available for all sorts of books!

Get Involved:

  • Set up a donation box in your office/workplace
  • Click here to print the poster and stick it on the box
  • Click here to print the flyers to hand out
  • We will collect your books! Register for collection by 6th September
  • To register call 02 4721 8520 or email
  • Please put the books in boxes – not too big/heavy for us to collect
  • Boxes collected on Thursday 8th September
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