Action Packed School Holiday Program sees youth show determination and resilience

What an action packed School Holiday Program the NCNS Youth team had this April! With nearly 12 young people attending every day of the program. We were blessed with the weather and were mostly not affected by the rain.

Our first day of the program was a trip to Burns Obstacle Course (Ninja Warrior Outing). All of us had an amazing time and the staff there were always so welcoming. This was one of my favourite outings!

Generally in my experience young people  will push themselves to succeed at certain obstacles.

Young people gave each other support and you could see that they genuinely wanted the other youth to succeed. The young people who attended this day should be proud of themselves, many who displayed determination and resilience, skills they can use in all aspects of life.


The following day we took it easy at Umina Beach. Young people enjoyed the water, relaxed on the sand, in the sun and enjoyed each other’s company.

Next was Somersby Waterfalls.

Initially I was a bit unsure about this outing and how it would go with the young people but turns out we had a ball climbing underneath the waterfall and exploring the area!

For many of us that was the first time we had ever been under a waterfall, myself included. This was a wonderful experience to share with the young people in the program.

After a big week of outings, it was nice to chill out and enjoy our chilled Movie Night. We ate pizza and snacks while enjoying a classic, Happy Gilmore! Life couldn’t get any better and everyone had a great laugh.

On Monday 12th April, we took the young people to the Easter Show! For many of them  it was their first time attending the Easter Show. I loved hearing their stories of the rides they went on, the showbags they bought and the shows they enjoyed watching.

After a big day at the Easter Show, we thought there would be nothing better than going to Ryde Aquatic Leisure Centre, where the youth could enjoy the cool water, the wave pool and playing their customary game of Marco Polo. They also found it quite amusing jumping all over me and trying to dunk me! Haha

Another chill day was great to just wind down.

Playing PS4 and Coup (card game), the young people also got to enjoy pancakes from the pancake van provided by Platform Youth Services. They were delicious and are thankful for our ongoing partnership with them.

The NCNS Youth School Holiday Program finished with a day out to Code Red Laser Tag. We had an amazing time working in teams and at times individuals. I am always amazed as how inclusive the young people can be.

As a youth worker, I feel blessed to know these great young people. They are truly respectful and I personally trust each and every individual. They have a great sense of humour and are so willing to share their lives with us. It is a true privilege. These amazing young people have the ability to achieve in whatever path they choose.

To get in contact with the NCNS Youth team please call 02 4706 0288.

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