Aboriginal School Readiness Program prepares children to start school in 2024

Our Aboriginal School Readiness Program was run at Braddock Public School in Cranebrook during Term 3 on Thursday mornings for eight weeks to support families and children prepare for starting Kindergarten in 2024.

A part of the school readiness program is connecting families with schools and their procedures, staff meeting children and their parents. We also visit environments around the school, so children learn their way around. We teach them phonological awareness, the ability to recognize and manipulate the spoken parts of sentences and words, numeracy skills, playing games to teach children how to take turns, and follow rules. They get the opportunity to express their creativity through art and develop language skills.

We take the children to sit in a classroom to get a glimpse of what happens there. We focus on skills to help during recess and lunch such as opening packets of snacks, giving parents ideas on healthy easy lunch options, how to make an order at the school canteen, what apps to download or look at, at whatever school you may attend.

For more information about our Aboriginal School Readiness Programs or early childhood programs feel free to contact our Aboriginal Child and Family Workers, Amy or Zoe on 02 4729 0442.

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