A friendly update from our Functional Family Therapy – Child Welfare team

The Functional Family Therapy – Child Welfare (FFT-CW) team continues in full swing. As we prepare to depart a challenging 2020 (thanks Covid-19) and enter a new year, here are some of our reflections. Family therapy can indeed be done virtually, via the phone or the screen. But gee, it sure is challenging!

The FFT-CW team continued seeing families throughout Lockdown via small screens or large, and sometimes only by phone, and families and therapists alike became very familiar with the new phrase ‘Zoom Fatigue’. Having said that, we were taken aback and deeply touched by each family showing up to their appointments with good humour and grace. We were all in it together, our families, our NCNS colleagues, our community. And there was strength in these numbers that really gave us the energy to push through. Happily, we’ve come out the other side. We’re back in the homes of our courageous clients and moving full steam ahead.

We’re hoping that the Christmas period isn’t too frantic for everyone and provides us all some time to saunter into a holiday period and have some well earned rest. Happy Holidays everyone and a big cheery wave from Mal, Kelly, Craig, Narelle, Nigella and Sara.

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