56 dogs and 33 cats vaccinated, microchipped and given health checks in Cranebrook

On Saturday the 17th, Cranebrook Neighbourhood Centre opened its doors and welcomed cats and dogs from the local community. We held our Vaccination and Microchipping day in partnership with Greencross Vets and the RSPCA.

56 dogs and 33 cats were vaccinated, microchipped and given an overall general health check-up. It has been identified by local vets that the rates of vaccinated pets in Cranebrook and Kingswood Park have declined. These areas are also particularly high risk to infectious diseases such as Parvo which can have devastating effects on dogs.  Want to know more about Parvovirus? Click here.

The objective of these pet day are to increase the number of animals being vaccinated and reduce the number of sick animals.  All community members that came with their animal were given information regarding infectious animal diseases and prevention strategies.

NCNS would like to thank the RSPCA and Greencross Vets for their time and efforts to make our community and animals safer.

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