3 Aboriginal Community Members Found with Hearing difficulties and 15 Provided Free Glasses through Mootang Tarima Bus Visit

The Mootang Tarima Bus comes out to Koolyangarra Aboriginal Family Centre on the first Wednesday of each month between 10am – 12pm.

Donna Jory is part of the Aboriginal Chronic Care Outreach Program alongside Rae Campbell who is a registered Nurse. The Chronic Care Outreach program brings out specialised services each month based on the health needs observed through consultation with community.

Our last two outreach specialised visits were from the Brien Holden Foundation (vision) and Hearing Australia.

Hearing Australia screen 12 Aboriginal community members for hearing. 3 members did not pass their screening and follow up appointments were arranged to address any issues that were picked up.

Brien Holden Foundation screened 20 Aboriginal community members vision and 15 out of 20 found that they required glasses and were provided glasses for free.

The next visit will be on Wednesday 6th September. For more information please contact Carolyn on 0437 083 839 or Kooly on 02 4706 0280.

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