Month: February 2019

How we celebrated this Seniors Festival

NSW Seniors Festival is an opportunity to make new friends or get together with old ones at an array of local community events, many ... Posted on


The National Apology: What it means to us

February 13 marked the 11th anniversary of the National Apology to the Stolen Generations by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, acknowledging the past laws, policies and practices that have inflicted profound... Posted on


Why early childhood dental visits are important

So far in Penrith, Summer has been a HOT one! If you are now back at work, you are wishing you were still on holiday. It’s 35°C, you can feel the sweat gathering above your brow and all you can thi... Posted on


Why young people benefit from our school holiday program

Beyond Blue’s website states that “1 in 7 young Australians experience a mental health condition.” With 4 neighbourhood centres in the Penrith LGA, we see many young people walk thro... Posted on


How we reconnect with our community in the new year

Each January, NCNS runs Summer Lunches at our Koolyangarra Aboriginal Family Centre, where we invite community to share lunch with our team and enjoy a variety of activities for all ages. We thin... Posted on

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